Who are We?

We are a practice of Myomassologists — Myomassology is a highly-trained, specialized form of massage which combines muscle mechanics, therapeutic massage and therapeutic stretching with various techniques to create a customized solution for each patient’s need for body-healing and wellness.

Every Practioner in our practice is a graduate of Irene’s Myomassology Institute.  Irene’s is a nationally-recognized school, winning awards for patented, innovative techniques.  Only Licensed Massage Therapists who have graduated from Irene’s Myomassology  Institute can practice as a Myomassologist.

Our Philosophy:

Our philosophy is simple:  The Body Tells All

Our Body is a storehouse of our physical and emotional experiences over the course of our lives.  It is commonly known that physical trauma will result in long-term body limitations and pain.  It is less known that emotional trauma will become trapped in our tissues.  Pain, discomfort and disease from depression, bereavement, or loss become internalized in our body.  When these traumas are trapped in our body, they manifest as limited mobility, gait differences, tilted pelvis, migraines and sciatic nerve pain, among many other forms of chronic pain.

Muscle, fascia and ligaments are designed to work together wondrously as a working organic machine — we call “the Body”.  Disease will settle in and take away your well-being and enjoyment of life when anyone of these are out-of-alignment.

YOUR Body will always tell our hands what you need.

We seek to partner with you to co-create a safe environment which allows  pathways for healing – mentally, emotionally and physically.

How We Do It:

Each Practitioner arrives with a Tool Box of modalities and techniques as part of their formal training.  These are combined with a client-patient assessment and process of hands-on-work to create releases of pressure points, trigger points, bound fascia, muscle imbalances, etc.  Healing and body-response are custom-designed for each patient whether one-time or over a period of time.

Contact Us:

We are conveniently located on Southfield Road, just north of I-696.

Address:  29540 Southfield Road #100, Southfield, MI 48076

Phone:  248.440.7450

Email:  promyomassology@gmail.com

Our Office Manager, Carol, can be reached at 248.212.1623

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